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Hotel Casa la Vigna

In the most beaut ful and peaceful spot of the island is located “Hotel Casa La Vigna”

the ideal place for people who want to experience an uncontaminated nature.

The atmosphere of the hotel is very homelike and is the vital key for an unforgettable


From sea to mountain, the area of Serrara Fontana offers it all: the chic fishing hamlet of Sant'Angelo, the awesome lookout of Serrara, the rustic piazza of Fontana, and of course Mount Epomeo, the highest point on the island.

Also known as the "Swizterland" of Ischia, Serrara Fontana is characterised by bucolic hills and deep gullies. In times past donkeys were used to transport goods and people from the port to the peak and back.

Although Serrara Fontana is now the smallest municipality on the island in terms of inhabitants, its part in the economic history of the island was notable. Once upon a time people moved up the mountain instead of down, both to cultivate the fertile soil found on the higher slopes and escape the dangers of foreign raiders.

Today the focus has predominantly changed from an agricultural market to a tourism-based economy, focused on Sant'Angelo, the hamlet by the sea, and its inviting hotels, shops and nightlife centre. The area of Sant'Angelo is pedestrian access only, giving it a relaxing, easy pace. Across a small isthmus the island of Sant'Angelo once housed a monastery and defence tower, both destroyed by English cannon fire in 1808. Instead, the small flat area at its base is now used for open-air concerts on warm summer nights and scuba-diving parties launch their underwater expeditions for a view of the impressive "black coral".

Of the spas on this part of the island, Aphrodite Apollon and Tropical are the largest. From here you can also take one of the taxi boats to Maronti beach and access the ancient baths of Cava Scura. If you prefer walking, a footpath winds above the hamlet to the beach at Fumarole and onto a dirt track that continues over the hill to the ancient thermal site of Cava Scura and beyond.

The whole of Serrara Fontana offers challenging walking trails for the adventuresome explorer. From Cava Scura, the gully leads you up towards the heights of Serrara. Alternatively, from the bus stop at Fontana, visitors can trek to Mount Epomeo, a challenging walk that is part road, part bush track, certain to get the blood circulating!

At Mount Epomeo's summit sits the small church and hermitage of San Nicola, with its incredible 360-degree panorama of the island and the seascapes beyond. Here, suspended between sky and sea, overlooking the island's indented coast and picturesque countryside, you can revel in the wonder of the world.


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